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Sony Xperia T LT30P Manual | If you are looking the Sony Xperia T LT30P manual aka user guide. Now the user manual available for download in PDF format and you can download directly at As we know it, the Sony Xperia T LT30P is smartphone that work on under GSM and HSDPA network. It is powered by Dual-core 1.5 GHz Krait processor and used Android  v4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) as platform and can upgrade to v4.1. The phone equipped with 13 MP camera and has physical display screen of  4.55 inches. More detail about the Sony Xperia T LT30P manual / user guide review and download link informaiton read below:

Sony Xperia T LT30P Manual
Sony Xperia T LT30P Manual
Sony Xperia T LT30P Manual User Guide Review:
The Sony Xperia T LT30P pdf manual consisting of 153 pages with file size of 2.4 MB. It's devided into 33 section / chapter. It is available in four language like english, spanish, italian, and germany. As usual there are some important information in the Sony Xperia T LT30P user guide such as learn phone basic operations, learn phone layout, phone call and messages, using applications, phone settings guide, connections setting, backup and restore tutorial, updating phone, also about troubleshooting.

Read about Andorid information on page 7, assembly tutorial on page 9, screen lock and setup guide on page 10. Then about phone oveview / layout, using the keys and touchscreen, Using the lockscreen,  using Home screen, Customizing your phone, Phone settings menu, Internet and messaging settings, and Mobile network settings. Further in the Sony Xperia T LT30P owner manual also provides reference information like Call settings, Conference calls, Backing up contacts, Using e-mail, Using Timescape and settings, tutorial Installing applications not from Google Play, using Video Unlimited and playNow, using NeoReader™ application, Synchronizing with Google and facebook, NFC detection area, using Wi-fi and blueooth,  Virtual private networks (VPNs), Browsing the web, Using the Walkman™ player and FM radio, using camera,Using the video camera, Mobile BRAVIA® Engine, Pairing with another Bluetooth device, using Google maps and GPS and more.

Phone overview
Sony Xperia T LT30P Layout
Sony Xperia T LT30P Layout
1. Notification LED
2. Light sensor
3. Proximity sensor 1
4. Proximity sensor 2
5. Ear speaker
6. Front camera lens
7. Headset connector
8. Power key
9. Volume/Zoom key
10. Camera key
11. Main microphone
12. Touchscreen
13. Second microphone
14. Camera lens
15. Camera LED light
16. Connector for charger/USB cable
17. Speaker
18. SIM card slot
19. microSD™ card slot
20. SIM card/microSD™ card cover

Using the keys

Using the keys
Using the keys
Other important information in the Sony Xperia T LT30P manual / user guide such as about updating phone, troubleshooting, Preparing to use the Backup and restore application, and Phone settings overview. For table of content of this manual as follows:

Table of content for the Sony Xperia T LT30P manual user guide:
  • Important information
  • Android what and why
  • Getting started
  • Getting to know your phone 
  • Calling
  • Contacts
  • Messaging
  • Email
  • Google talk
  • Timescape
  • Getting started with Google play
  • PlayNow service
  • Video Unlimited
  • Music Unlimited
  • Getting organised
  • Scanning with the NeoReader aapplication
  • Synchronising data on your phone
  • NFC
  • Connecting to wireless network
  • Web browser
  • Listening to music with the Walkman™ player
  • Identifying music using TrackID technology
  • Using the FM radio
  • Taking photos and recording videos
  • Viewing photos and videos in album
  • Playing video clips in movies
  • Sharing content with DLNA certified devices
  • Bluetooth wireless tehcnology
  • Connecting your phone to a computer
  • Connecting your phone to a TV set
  • Using location services to find your position
  • Backup and restore application
  • Locking and protecting your phone
  • Updating your phone
  • Phone settings overview
  • Status and notifications icons overview
  • Application overview
  • User support 
  • Troubleshooting
  • Recycling your phone 
  • Legal information
  • Index

Manual Download Link
Get and download free pdf from sonymobile official webiste here:
Sony Xperia T LT30P manual english
Sony Xperia T LT30P user manual spanish
Sony Xperia T LT30P user guide germany
Sony Xperia T LT30P manual / user guide italian


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